how to play animal crossing: load the game, walk around until someone tells you they’re moving, tell them to stay, and repeat every day for the rest of your life.

Well, actually once you tell them not to move, nobody will have any prompting to move until you load it up again.

And if your town is Beautiful, the only thing you’ll “lose” is your hairstyle… or you can record the date of the last day you played and load that up to keep your hair.

This is why I plan to just have a permanent day when I stop playing.


Aww T~T Thank you.

Rather than sending it, I’d just like to dedicate it to everyone who reads this <3

I think your mayor reference page is cute c:

Thank you so much T~T <3

Anonymous asked:
gosh your mayor reference is really unnecessary just put the picture of your mayor and thats it. your lucky that they even would draw your mayor

The very first picture IS a picture of my Mayor. The only reason you’d have to scroll is if you need more details/information/want more. And apparently most of the people who draw her do! Or you know, people like you that have nothing better to do than criticize a page that has nothing to do with you and isn’t even front and center. 

Also, see here.

What I’d like to see in the next Animal Crossing


What I’d like to see in the next Animal Crossing

Chances are, we’ll end up seeing the next Animal Crossing for the Wii U. I don’t expect it to be too far off (unless they’d be saving it for the new 3DS or another portable) and after random chatter during one of my streams, we started talking about what we would want to see in the next installment of the game. While there are games that I feel need new installments and others that I feel can do…

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hey! I don't think this is on the f.a.q., but if it is I'm sorry for asking hehe ^ - ^ Well I've made a list of tumblr questions for animal crossing (the ones where you send a number and they answer it) & I used the face reference picture on your references page

If it’s the picture I’m thinking you’re referring to, that’s actually from the Texture’s Resource! I’d recommend crediting the user who ripped it and that website @-@ Here it is: http://www.textures-resource.com/fullview/3966/

Smdh. People in this fandom look for things to complain about. Your reference page can be as detailed or minimal as you like - as it is YOURS. I have several artist friends who make character sheets loads longer than that. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with it. Don't let it get you down, have a good day! c:

Thank you T~T I’m happy to say I’m feeling a lot better between many people’s kind words and some surprises when I got home. But yes, I really appreciate this! <3

Anonymous asked:
pinkseacrossing's reference page for her mayor is the most unnecessarily detailed thing in the world fuck

random fact: This isn’t the longest I’ve made. I had one character where I made a packet and another character that was a giant page full.

I used to have simple ones or even just one reference picture and in the end, people -still couldn’t figure it out-. Explaining what was wrong got me told off because my “references weren’t clear enough” or I didn’t have enough or “have more options because *insertthinghere* is boring or stupid or etc. Or the rare exception of, “I was going to make you something as a surprise, but couldn’t figure out what you’d like”.

So, I started making longer pages. Usually pointing out the things people got wrong many times because it was still hard to get.

And honestly? I’ve never had one person who has actually drawn her whenever I added more information complain. People were happy for extra references and more options.

Honestly though, how sad it is that you need to go complain about a page that isn’t even a focal point of the page? It’s not popping up in your face, it’s on the sidebar incase it’s needed and that is it.

I don’t even know what I’m more disappointed about—that someone is mean/cruel enough to go and do this (hey, if you want to make a suggestion on how to make the page better, my ask box is opened!), that most of the people seeing said confession have never even looked at said page previously, that people seem to find it funny to laugh at something someone tried to make nice, or that I barely even post now and I am pretty shy and on the lower spectrum of the fandom and someone still stumbled upon said page and felt this DIRE NEED to go confess and insult it.

For a game about cute animals living in a village and customizing and playing with friends, the amount of people who end up being unnecessarily cruel never ceases to amaze me :/

Anonymous asked:
i'm sorry this fandom is mean sometimes. i've gotten hate too, but friendly bloggers like you inspire me<3

I don’t think I’ll ever understand how/why people can be so mean :(

I’m glad I can help inspire you T~T <3

Finally another Gold Badge

Finally another Gold Badge

So today, after many many many dreams, I finally received the Golden Dream Badge!:

I now have 4 Gold Badges left. The hard part is that I have no good way to keep track of how many I have to go which makes it a lot harder to be motivated. For reference, the ones I have left are the catching lots of bugs, fish, and diving creatures (5K for the first two, 2K for the last) plus the earning 5,000…

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