nevermayor asked:
Hey, you shouldn't let some jerk ruin your experience. Take a break, go relax, calm down. She's not worth giving up something you obviously love. :)

It’s really a mixture of things. While it’s not the sole thing, it’s added to several things (such as the increased moving mechanic) and has just caused everything to kind of build up more so. Overall, it’s just demotivated me a lot and is part of why I haven’t finished with badges yet and I’m not sure I ever will :( 

And since Animal Crossing is a real time game, taking a break isn’t that easy :P I probably wouldn’t mind taking a break as much if it wasn’t for the hair slider. Really not fond of that slider. v-v; 

It’s just annoying to know I’ve put over 1600 hours into playing a game and several months of work just planning things out and preparing for said game (it’s part of why I made this tumblr) just to have someone see my town, be all “this is nice” and take everything from it. Even making a character that looks exactly like my Mayor down to the original dress and naming it one of the names in my town. 

Anonymous asked:
Yep she is still continuing to copy Pink Sea. And what's even better? She has another ACNL copy that is beginning to shape up like your town. She makes me so angry, with her, "Gooooood morning patooties!" bullshit. I feel so sad for you. She's 18, she should know by that age that copying is awful.

*sighs* I’d report her Instagram, but I don’t even know how to use Instagram and don’t really like downloading apps on my cellphone (and I rarely have service anyway). This is ridiculous though and really disheartening and doesn’t make me want to play anymore.

How immature do you have to be :/ seriously. It’s incredibly upsetting.

So yes, for those of you who get upset that I don’t put QR codes up at all anymore, this is why. 

I don’t care if people use the same patterns as me. I didn’t make most of mine (though, I did modify them), I’m not taking credit for them. But if you start making characters with similar or the same names (and considering I made one of the names up, it’s not exactly something anyone would honestly think to use—one or two of the others being uncommon.), dressing/making them look -exactly- like one of my characters, and laying out your town as close as you can possibly get?

That’s creepy. That’s really really really creepy. It also is really rude and inconsiderate to someone who put a lot of time in. 

So, thanks for ruining the game for me. It’s okay to use things for ideas—it’s not okay to steal someone’s work, especially when you can’t even bother to credit them. 

That’s not inspiration and this is not a form of flattery. It’s just being an inconsiderate jerk. 

Happy birthday!

Thank you!

Anonymous asked:
hey i saw a picture of you and purple pansies in new leaf, and i have tried so many ways to make them but i cant and need help can you please teach me thx p.s love you town

1. Thank you!

2. Oh wow, it’s been forever since I got Purple Pansies (they were a lovely gift actually, though, I did try to grow my own too). I actually have one of every flower in each color in my town—just all of them are confined to an area near the Mayor’s house.

Anyway, onto how you get Purple Pansies… 

First, you need to have Red Pansies “born” from either Orange, Purple, or Blue Pansies that are being paired with a Red Pansy. I’d recommend using the beach and only watering these. 

Then, you need to breed 2 of those Red Pansies together. I heard you can also breed one of the reds with a yellow you get, but I mostly know of people who did the two Red ones. 

shanilife asked:
Happy b-day! (^∇^)

Thank you! :D

Birthday Stream

So, today is my birthday and for fun, I decided to stream games (+ Nintendogs) that have special Birthday wishing moments.

Anonymous asked:
Thanks for answer! Follow up on the hybrids question, how were you landscaping your town while trying to grow all your pink hybrids?

Random flowers until I had all the pink ones. 

Anonymous asked:
Is there any secret to getting hybrids quickly?

Planting diagonally can help as can putting fertilizer. Also, only use flowers you planted yourself from seed packs versus randomly grown ones. Those can all help. 

Also, only water the ones that you are trying to grow hybrids from (so beautiful town is recommended so no wilting… otherwise, only water other flowers if wilted)

Anonymous asked:
Hi~ I saw a post by you (I'm pretty sure it was by you) about Marcie's birthday! Marcie is one of my favorites and I look at her like a sister and kind of a motherly kind of figure. Is there a villager who is like a sister/brother to you?❤

I kind of consider all of the villagers in Pink Sea like that in some way—I really adore them a lot. I definitely give Marcie the motherly award though. 


Another Animal Crossing idea. If you have a friend come over to your town and they have a pwp in their town that you do not, they should be able to go to the town hall to tell Isabelle about it. That way you could build it once they’ve gone home and you don’t have to wait on animal villagers to suggest something.

Something like this is what I mentioned a while back would be nice. Another version of it was if you saw a Public Work in someone else’s town, you could give bells to Isabelle to unlock it and have the option to build it.